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Bavaria has the most concentrated iodine-sulfur springs in Germany. Healing iodine-sulfuric water is supplied in the form of hydropathic baths.

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Indications for use

Diseases of the cardiovascular and blood systems

Disorders of peripheral circulation, circulatory disorders of the heart vessels (Angina pectoris), high blood pressure, functional circulatory disorders, exhaustion of autonomic nervous system, geriatric gipotonus

Rheumatic diseases

Degenerative (arthrosis, spondylosis), inflammatory disease in the inactive stage (chronic arthritis, epicondylitis), osteoporosis

Respiratory disease

Chronic rhinitis, chronic inflammation of the nasal cavities of the paranasal, lower respiratory tract disease, chronic bronchitis

Skin disorders

Chronic eczema, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis

Ophthalmological diseases

The effect of „dry eye“, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, inflammation of the eyelids, blepharitis, inflammation of the retina, degeneration of the fundus

We offer

Three weeks of psoriasis treatment by iodine-sulfur baths and rest at the Bavarian spa town. Price of the therapy and hotel 6.000 €

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Continuation of treatment, rehabilitation & reconstruction

Step by step back to life …

Rehabilitation in Germany is characterized by the world’s highest efficiency – the restoration of human health related to a decent standard of rehabilitation medicine.

Back on the feet in the shortest possible time – it is very important for the body, and spirit. After surgery, accident or stroke, a lot depends on the quality of the rehabilitation process. After a stay in hospital it is recommended to undergo a process of follow-up care.

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Special rehabilitaion programs for the following disorders

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Rehabilitation in Germany is focused on an individual approach to each person. All procedures are monitored and closely followed by highly educated and experienced medical staff.

The high level of development of medicine and comfortable conditions – all contribute to best possible results of rehabilitation. That’s why rehabilitation in Germany has very high efficiency and a guarantee of healing!

Мы окажем помощь в составлении всех необходимых документов для обследования в Германии, поможем выбрать более подходящую клинику и позаботимся о вас и ваших близких на время прибывания на лечении в Германии.

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