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Plastic surgery in Munich has one of the primary positions in the world´s top ten addresses. Thank innovative methods, technological advances, highly qualified and experienced surgeons, it is possible today to optimize or to improve the appearance without harming one’s health.

Through long time cooperation with top specialists and best clinics in Munich, Muc-Med offers a spacious spectrum of plastic surgeries i.a. liposuction, scar revision, post-bariatric body contouring, skin cancer care … Specific treatments are:

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Micro needling - the revolution in anti-aging methods

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This new and modern anti-aging medical treatment helps us fight facial wrinkles. It also works on wrinkles on the décolleté and pored skin. It can as well be used to treat scars and lighter hair.

It is the recipe for a long-lasting youthful appearance, beautiful, tight skin and a fresh look!

Micro or medical needling is a very successful method to get significantly tighter skin without surgery. Astonishing results can be achieved. Especially concerning parts of the body, where there is no possibility to carry out an operation, such as wrinkles on the cleavage or stretch marks. Even on the face this method of micro needling is very efficient. It means facelift without scalpel. Another benefit is the treatment of scars and scalp. If the scalp of people with lighter hair, for example, is treated with micro needling the blood flow through the scalp grows enormously, which in turn means, that the hair growth will be much denser. As a result the entire hair density can be improved.

Recently there has been a publication on the subject of micro needling therapy in one of the leading professional journals for plastic surgery.

Medical needling is revolutionary because it is a so-called non-ablative method, for example, compared to other methods of skin rejuvenation, like dermabrasion or laser treatment, dermal needling doesn’t cause the skin to grow thinner. Also our natural skin protection remains.

By treatment with micro needling you get tight skin, fresh skin, the whole complexion changes positively. All this because the skin is stimulated to renew itself from the inside. There is no need for artificial substances to be injected into the skin. It is a way of activating the body’s natural mechanisms for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

The medical principle behind this treatment is quite simple. By producing tiny holes in the top layer of our skin, the natural wound healing process of the skin will be triggered. The result is the production of natural collagen. This collagen is mainly responsible for the firmness and elasticity of our skin.

The action will take place as follows:

The patient is given a local anaesthetic cream on the areas that will be treated. This takes about 20 min. The next step is to treat the skin with a roller, the so-called Dermaroller.

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This roller is covered with hundreds of very small and fine needles. The to be treated areas (the wrinkled skin) will be “covered” in three directions – vertically, horizontally and diagonally. By doing this thousands of tiny micro-wounds will be caused. In the depths of the invisible micro wounds the body’s own healing phase produces the collagen. The very small and about 1.5 to 2 mm deep punctures heal very quickly and without scarring. After the treatment the skin will be slightly swollen and red. The next day, everything looks like a slight sunburn. It is advised to be out in the blazing sun for the next few days, but work is possible.

The treated skin areas can be taken care of daily with vitamins A and C-containing cream by the patient him- or herself. The vitamins help to improve the skin renewal and simultaneously, that best results can be achieved.

It starts at 400 €

Face & neck

Aesthetic Dentistry


Breast Augmentation

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Midsection body lift

Tummy Tuck

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Laser therapy

Approximate cost – (anesthesia + surgery + hospitalization)

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation   € 8 500
Breast Reduction   9.500
Breast Lift   € 5 900
Nipples correction   € 1 900
Correction of inverted nipples   € 850
Liposuction   € 2 500
Total abdomen   € 5 900
Lower abdomen   € 3 900
Hip   € 2 500
Zone breeches   € 2 500
Tummy Tuck   € 6 500
Botox   € 280
Hyaluronic acid   € 350
Mikrolipofilling   € 1 500
Facelift   € 8 000
Forehead lift   € 3 500
Mini facelift (cheek)   € 3 900
Eyelid surgery   € 2 500
Upper eyelid   € 2 500
The upper and lower eyelids   4.000
Lip augmentation   400
Ear Surgery   € 2 900
Rhinoplasty   € 10 000
Chin correction   € 1 900
Hair transplantation   € 5/one hair
Anti-sweat   € 2 500
Genital organs   € 1 900
Gynecomastia (male)   € 2 900

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